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Why Zickgraf

The Diamondized® Difference — Beauty Built to Last
Nothing compares to the beauty of a new, natural wood floor. But turn the typical active family loose and the day-in, day-out traffic and wear can turn that natural beauty into a natural disaster.

Protect and Preserve
Zickgraf invested years of research and development to create a finish system that assures the floor you install today will still look like new tomorrow. At the heart of this comprehensive multi-step finish system is the Diamondized wear-layer.

A Zickgraf exclusive, the Diamondized wearlayer is engineered using a proprietary blend of diamond and aluminum-oxide particles suspended in an advanced, UV cured urethane. This unique formulation creates a state-of-the-art wear-layer that provides lasting durability against traffic, wear, soil and stains. The premium, high-performance Diamondized finish is your assurance the Zickgraf floor you install today will maintain its beauty for decades. Zickgraf guarantees it with a Performance Warranty up to 25 years in residential applications.

Superior Wear Resistance
The superior wear and scratch resistance of Zickgraf 3/4" thick wood floors with the Diamondized finish is performance-tested tough. This finish withstood the medium/coarse steel wool test while most other wood floor finishes could not. Put it to the test in your home; the Diamondized finish will deliver years of beautiful performance.

Superior Stain Resistance
Independent tests proved no match for the superior stain resistance of the Diamondized finish.
42-Hour Household Chemical Test: No Effects: Vinegar, Ketchup, Mustard, Coffee, 100% Alcohol
1-Hour Solvent Chemical Test: No Effects: Ethyl Acetate, Acetone, Xylol, ME or VM&P Naphtha

The Diamondized® Difference —
A Satin Smooth Luster Accents Nature's Beauty
Beyond the superior durability, the crystal clear Diamondized finish features a soft, warm luster with a depth and clarity that accents the rich, inviting grain and texture of natural wood floors. The natural wood beauty is locked in with the Diamondized wear-layer to create a finish so silky smooth and elegant, it captures a fine furniture quality.

See and feel the Diamondized difference
Compare competitive samples side-by-side. Glide your hand across the silky smooth finish and compare wood grain elegance. There is no comparable look and feel.

Quality Crafted for Enduring Elegance
Only the finest, select hardwoods are used in the production of Zickgraf hardwood floors. The domestic hardwoods are harvested from the great Appalachian forests where the wood matures to a dense, consistent grain and color. The imported hardwoods are the best premium grades selected for their clean, unblemished grain patterns and robust colors.

Strips and Planks
Zickgraf unfinished wood floors are available in a variety of board widths that will impact the overall appearance of your custom-crafted floor and the room. The slimmer 1-1/2" and 2-1/4" wide strips will visually expand the look of the room. The wider 3", 3-1/4", 4" and 5" planks work best in larger rooms.

Micro-Bevel Edge
The Franklin Collection floors are crafted with a subtle, micro-bevel edge detail. The edge treatment conveys the upscale look of a smooth, custom sand and finish floor while providing the convenience and forgiveness of an eased edge, factory finished floor.

HARDwood Toughness

The 3/4" thick, solid wood composition of Zickgraf floors with the Diamondized finish provides a dense, tough construction to stand up to denting, scratches and wear. This durability is enhanced by the inherent density/toughness of the wood species. The Janka Hardness Test (see chart at right) is one of the best measures to evaluate the ability of a wood species to withstand denting, impressions and wear. The test measures the force required to embed half the diameter of a .444-inch steel ball into the wood.
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