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Frequently Asked Questions

May I install wood flooring in the kitchen?
Yes, the kitchen is an excellent choice for wood flooring. We would suggest installing a pre-finished floor in a kitchen because of it’s advanced finish developed to resists stains, spills and stand up to high traffic.

What sort of finish is on the pre-finished flooring?
A Zickgraf Diamondized finished floor is a special formula consisting of several coats of UV cured polyurethane and Aluminum Oxide. The Diamondized finish is a very durable one that will always look beautiful and perform well, and is backed by an excellent warranty.

Does the pre-finished flooring have a beveled edge?
Yes. All solid wood flooring needs a slightly eased edge to disguise the possibility of uneven joints between boards. Since the flooring cannot be sanded flat after installation, any subfloor irregularities or slight differences in thickness would be felt underfoot if the edges weren't beveled.

May I stain my flooring?
Yes. You may sand and refinish to any color available in wood flooring stains. Depending on the specie of wood, certain wood perform stains better than others. Red oak takes almost any stain well, but maple and cherry species can become blotchy, and will require a sealer. Keep in mind however, that sanding, staining and refinishing a pre-finished hardwood floor will void the finish warranty.

Will wide board flooring shrink?
If your home is in a very dry (southwest) or very wet (gulf coast) climate, acclimation prior to installation is essential to minimize movement of the flooring once installed. Wood is hydroscopic (meaning it absorbs and expels moisture dependent on its environment), so all movement cannot be eliminated.

May I install wide board flooring over a radiant heated subfloor?
Yes. Wood flooring can be installed over radiant heat, it is however, important that the mechanical contractor be aware that your intention is to install wood flooring above a radiant heat system so it can be engineer it properly. If you want to install over an existing radiant system, seek a professional opinion prior to installation.
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